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carrollton municipal courtWe have defended several drivers ticketed for traffic violations. We have gone to the Carrollton municipal court on the driver’s behalf to defend against their speeding tickets, traffic warrants, and other traffic violations such as driving too closely, running a red light, not stopping at a stop sign and more. When our clients visit us, they only have one request — to keep their driving record free of tickets. In most cases, we are able to make a convincing argument in front of the court in Carrollton, TX.

However, there are times where getting a traffic ticket dismissed will not be possible. For instance, if you were driving your car at 114 miles per hour on the highway, our Carrollton lawyers may not be able to get the traffic ticket dismissed, but they will be able to negotiate a reduced fine. If you got a traffic ticket because you were driving your car at 25 miles per hour over the speed limit, our traffic lawyer in Carrollton may be able to get the traffic ticket dismissed.

In addition to this, police officers closely follow the Texas Transportation Code to issue traffic tickets to drivers. This is known as the Rules of the Road, which are codified and give police offers in Carrollton and other cities in Texas the authority to write traffic tickets. Since most of the statues in the Texas Transportation Code contain legal defenses, our traffic lawyer in Carrollton will be able to use these defenses to make a solid case for the dismissal of the traffic ticket from the driver’s record.

A Traffic Ticket Can Ruin Your Driving Record— Don’t Let This Happen to You—Contact Our Traffic Attorney in Carrollton, TX for a Solution Today!

If the City of Carrollton Police Department has given you a ticket for speeding, you need to get in touch with your Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer right away! Oftentimes, we will be able to make a deal to get you a deferred disposition or probation. If the Carrollton municipal court qualifies you for probation, you will have to pay a court fee, try not to receive any traffic tickets while you are on probation, complete a defensive driving course if you are under 25 years old, and complete any additional terms ordered and required by the Carrollton, TX court. Drivers who qualify for probation can successfully have their speeding ticket dismissed from their driving record once they complete probation. Commercial drivers, drivers driving 25 miles per hours over the speed limit and defendants that have appeared in the Municipal Court in Carrollton, TX repetitively do not qualify for probation.

If You Do Not Qualify for Probation, Do Not Fret because Our Carrollton Speeding Ticket Lawyer Can Defend Your Ticket in Court!

Our Carrollton, TX traffic attorney also has years of experience defending clients with warrants issued for their arrest. We can help drivers with getting their arrest warrants lifted in Carrollton. Why does the Carrollton, TX court issue an arrest warrant for the driver? Some people do not consider their traffic violation a serious matter so they do not appear in court to resolve it. When do you need to visit us?

carrollton municipal courtWhen the county or town contacts you, it is time you hire legal aid to help you by visiting the Carrollton, TX court to have the arrest warrant dropped. Our lawyers, specializing in Carrollton, TX tickets and warrants, can help you resolve the arrest warrant before the police come to arrest you. Also, keep in mind that if the court has issued a warrant for your arrest, you do not want to get another ticket for a moving violation.

The Two Types of Arrest Warrants

The state of Texas issues the following two types of arrest warrants for the driver:

Alias Warrant– If you failed to show up in court to take care of your traffic ticket, the date to respond to your ticket has expired. The court in Carrollton, TX issues an alias warrant for your arrest. You can still go to court to get the traffic ticket dropped. You will have to post a bond, which will then allow us to remove your arrest warrant, and schedule a new court date for you to appear. Remember, it is pertinent you get in touch with us before the police arrest you and puts you in jail.

Capias Warrant– If you went to your court hearing, but you failed to follow the court’s directives, the court will issue a capias warrant for your arrest. Unfortunately, we cannot help you remove the capias warrant so you will have to either pay the fine or serve time in jail. What we can do is defend you against any future traffic tickets you may get.

Traffic Violations Are a Serious Matter! Are You Taking Your Outstanding Traffic Tickets Seriously?

You do not want to skip your court date. Skipping your court date will result in an arrest warrant. If you have been placed on probation and you have to fulfill certain requirements set by the judge, you need to fulfill those requirements before you are arrested and put in jail. For this reason, we strongly suggest you retain a Carrollton, TX traffic attorney to fight your traffic ticket in court on your behalf.

Remember that even the smallest moving violations can result in an arrest warrant. By not taking care of your traffic ticket or failing to comply with the orders of the Carrollton municipal court, you risk going to jail, especially when the statewide warrant roundup occurs.

What is the Statewide Warrant Roundup?

Statewide warrant roundup is the effort made by police officers to arrest every driver who has an outstanding warrant out for their arrest. The Texas Warrant Roundup occurs every year in March all across the state.

The aim of the statewide warrant roundup is to collect hundreds and thousands of dollars in fines. City marshals usually send notices to drivers with outstanding warrants to warn them that they risk being arrested during the statewide warrant roundup if they do not resolve their traffic tickets.

In the past, law officials have targeted more than 134,000 people with almost 421,000 outstanding traffic and non-traffic violations, bringing the total to approximately $100 million dollars in uncollected fines. Our advice to you is not to wait for the statewide warrant roundup to arrive, but take action by contacting us to represent you in court.

If you think you may have an outstanding warrant for your arrest for failing to address a ticket, you need to contact your traffic lawyer in Carrollton to get your warrant lifted before they place you in jail. We can help you reach the best possible outcome in your case. We have dealt with a number of cases in the past related to, but not limited to speeding tickets and commercial driving license cases.

How Can We Help If the Police Arrests You During the Statewide Warrant Roundup?

If the police arrest you during the statewide warrant roundup, we want you to give us a call immediately. Our Carrollton lawyers can protect your rights, your freedom and your future by helping you post bond and handle all the other important details to get your warrant lifted and prevent you from spending even a day in jail.

Traffic Violations We Can Help You Resolve

Our Carrollton, TX traffic attorney can help you resolve the following traffic tickets:

  • Unsafe Lane Change
  • Following another Vehicle too Closely
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way
  • Failure to Display ID
  • No Drivers License
  • No Commercial Operator’s License
  • Unlawful Display or Possession of ID
  • Speeding over 15 Miles per Hour more than the Presumptive Legal Limit
  • Reckless Driving
  • Multiple Drivers License in Possession
  • Improper and/or Erratic Lane Change
  • Expired Commercial Operators License
  • Domiciled in Texas over 30 Days
  • Railroad Violations

Why Should You Retain Our Speeding Ticket and Traffic Lawyer in Carrollton?

carrollton municipal courtLike most people, you may have gotten a traffic ticket. Now, you need to appear in court to plead guilty and pay the fines. If you keep pleading guilty to every traffic ticket you get, before you know it, you will have six or more points on your driving record and will have to pay a surcharge, either in full or in installments. However, you can choose to fight the traffic ticket in the municipal court in Carrollton, TX.

Are You Planning to Fight the Ticket Yourself?

If you are planning to fight the ticket yourself, let us tell you that it is a bad idea. If you do not have law background or have limited knowledge about the Texas Transportation Code, you risk having to pay the fine and having the ticket on your driving record. If you are a commercial driver choosing to fight your ticket, you risk losing your career over it. What you need is experience by your side—you need to leave it to Lebrocq!

Did You Know Nine out of Ten People Pay Their Ticket Whether It Was Their Fault or Not?

If you got a traffic ticket for speeding because you were just trying to keep up with the flow of the traffic or you got a parking ticket because you backed into a parking space when there was no sign posted for you not to, you have a likely chance to have your ticket removed from your driving record. For that, you need our expertise in knowing what the best way to get around your traffic ticket and have it dismissed from your driving record.

Here’s How Our Carrollton, Texas Ticket Attorney Can Defend You

Texas ranks fifth in the list of the top ten states that issue driving citations. Therefore, chances of getting a traffic ticket in the state of Texas are high. If you have received a traffic ticket and you want a Carrollton, Texas ticket attorney to represent you and defend you in court, just give us a call. When you retain us as your traffic lawyer in Carrollton, this is how we will defend you:

We Know Exactly What to Look for

Our lawyers have the knowledge to look at the traffic ticket and quickly determine the mistakes and errors in it, if any. If they discover an error or mistake on your traffic ticket, they will surely be able to get your traffic dismissed. Our lawyers know what technicalities they need to look for to keep the traffic ticket off your driving record.

We Know Exactly How to Get Your Fine Reduced

If no mistake or error exists on your traffic ticket, our lawyers will use their negotiating skills to reduce the fine. If this was your first traffic ticket, we can tell the judge about your spotless driving record and how this is something that happens rarely and is likely not to happen again. We will always find a reason to get your fine reduced.

We Fight for Your Rights

It is safe to assume that you may not be aware of your rights as a driver in the state of Texas. We know your rights like the back of our hand. Throughout the year, our Carrollton lawyers keep an eye out for any news on changes, additions and modifications in law related to traffic law. Our knowledge of traffic laws gives us the ability to defend you expertly in a Carrollton municipal court.

We Are Worth Hiring

Most people do not hire traffic ticket lawyers because they think they cannot afford to hire one. Well, we are here to tell otherwise. We charge reasonable rates for our services and handle several traffic violation cases each day. For this exact reason, hiring a traffic ticket attorney is not as expensive as you may think. Two reasons that should convince you that we are worth hiring—we can increase your chances of getting a win and can get your traffic ticket dismissed or reduced.

We Are Fierce Opponents in Court

Our years of experience in handling traffic ticket violation cases have brought us face to face with a number of prosecutors over the years. This has allowed us to come up with better and improved strategies on how to go about each case. Whatever the prosecutor throws at us, we can probably counter it and make a strong argument on why the judge should consider dismissing your ticket or reducing it.

We Change the Judge’s Perspective of You

Coming in, the judge will most likely have a negative perspective of you because he has the facts right in front of them. It is our job to change their perspective. Usually, people pay their ticket or hope that the police officer fails to show up in court. When you hire an attorney to represent you, the judge is more likely to believe you are innocent and dismiss or reduce the traffic ticket. If the police officer does show up, you can bet on us to present a strong case in front of the judge to change his view of you.

Have you received a traffic ticket? Are you looking for an experienced traffic lawyer in Carrollton, TX to defend you in court? Get in touch with us and leave the rest up to us. We will handle your traffic violation case. You do not even have to show up in court.

If you are needed in court, we will let you know, but that rarely happens. With us in charge of your case, you can rest easy knowing we will come up with a solution to either get you out of the ticket or get your ticket reduced. #LeaveItToLebrocq

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Traffic Lawyer in Carrollton, TX

traffic lawyer in carrollton, traffic ticket lawyer in carrollton, carrollton lawyerThere are No Guarantees in Life, But there is a Good  Traffic Lawyer in Carrollton!

There are literally dozens of reasons why a driver in Carrollton, TX can get a traffic ticket, and speeding is just one of them. One thing drivers need to realize is that there are traffic enforcement cameras everywhere. This means that you can either get pulled over by law enforcement or highway patrol personnel and get a traffic ticket citation or get a traffic ticket delivered to your mailbox. When that happens, most drivers usually go for the easy way out, which is to pay off the traffic ticket citation and get on with their lives. But, what if we told you that there was an even easier way and it wouldn’t involve you having to pay off the citation?

Le Brocq, Your Carrollton, TX Traffic Lawyer!

All automobile and truck drivers having a Texas driver’s license have a duty to care for every other vehicle driver on the road, including the pedestrians. In other words, when a person is issued a driver’s license in Carrollton, Texas and given the right to drive on the streets of Carrollton and other areas, it is up to the driver to pay attention to the road signs to make sure they are following the law. Drivers in Carrollton, Texas need to anticipate when the traffic is slowing down or stopping, or when the vehicle next to you is changing lanes or making a turn. If for some reason you are unable to pay attention to the minute details on the road, then the result will be a traffic ticket citation. Why is it necessary to hire a traffic ticket lawyer in Carrollton, you ask?

The Le Brocq Law Firm Can Get to A Resolution For Many Traffic Tickets

Driving Over the Speed Limit
At the Le Brocq Law Firm, we understand that distractions are everywhere and can take its toll on the driver. Whether you were running late for work, or to pick up your kids from school, or just wanted to get someplace on time, speeding often times means getting a traffic ticket, even though you did not do it deliberately. This is where the expert services of an experienced traffic lawyer come in. A traffic ticket lawyer can help you defend against your ticket without you having to be present in the traffic court. With Le Brocq on your side you do not have to take time off from your work to sit in a court all day long, because Le Brocq will do that for you in addition to taking care of all the paperwork and formalities of getting your speeding ticket either reduced or revoked. The following are just some examples of the kinds of traffic citations you might be looking at if you were pulled over while speeding:

  • 10-14 miles per hour                                                  $195*
  • 15-19 miles per hour                                                   $240*
  • 20-29 miles per hour                                                  $265*
  • 30 miles per hour or more over the limit               $300*

* The traffic ticket citations that have been shown above are subject to change. Having an experienced traffic lawyer in Carrollton, who will represent you in traffic court means that you do not have to deal with the fine in the first place.

Suspended Driver’s License
A traffic lawyer in Carrollton can be your savior if you have had your driving license revoked and are driving around Texas on a suspended license without knowing it. This could lead to a traffic citation and possible jail time, community service or other fines and civil penalties. Le Brocq has dealt with countless traffic violations and have brought most of them to a favorable resolution for the driver, including those who are caught driving without a valid driver’s license. So, if you have been unfortunate enough to receive a traffic ticket contact Le Brocq today.

Running a Red Lighttraffic ticket lawyer in carrollton,
It is the burden of the State of Texas to prove you are guilty when it comes to running red lights. But, even you have the right to remain silent and are unable to testify on your behalf, you will need an experienced traffic lawyer in Carrollton by your side to be your voice.

Careless Driving
Those drivers who have received a ticket for careless or reckless driving in the State of Texas should always hire a professional traffic lawyer in Carrollton who knows just how to attack the state prosecutor’s case by focusing on the minute technicalities that a driver would otherwise ignore. Le Brocq has the experience, technical skills and flair for persuasion needed to get any traffic citation dismissed.

Points Matter!

Every driver with a Texas driver’s license begins with zero points on their driving record. This is regardless of the class of their license (Class A, Class B or Class C). Drivers in Texas can only get a traffic ticket on the basis of an accusation that they have violated the traffic law. What this means is that the person who gets the traffic citation has not been declared guilty yet. Having an experienced and professional traffic lawyer by your side such as Le Brocq will aggressively defend you against the traffic violation that you are allegedly guilty of. Making the decision to challenge the traffic ticket is going to be one of the wisest decisions you will ever make in your life mainly because a traffic citation in Texas means points being added to your driver’s record, which can, in turn, have a negative impact on your future.

Those who are convicted of a traffic offense in Texas are usually given:

  • 2 points for any moving violation.
  • 3 points for violations resulting in a collision.

While this might not sound like much to you, it is important to remember that your driver’s license can automatically get suspended if you have been convicted of four or more traffic violations within a period of 12 months. To keep your Texas driver’s license from being suspended you should hire the Le Brocq Law Firm to defend your traffic ticket citation.

We Deal with the Following Traffic Violations:

The Le Brocq Law Firm has years of experience in specializing in traffic law. This puts us in the perfect position to deal with the following traffic violations:

  • Unsafe lane changes
  • Speeding over 10 percent above the assigned speed limit
  • Running a stop sign or a red light
  • Passing another car on the right illegally
  • Operating a car recklessly
  • Railroad Violations
  • Not using turn signals
  • No Commercial Operator’s License
  • Following another car too closely
  • Domiciled in Texas over 30 Days
  • Expired Commercial Operators License
  • Failure to Display ID
  • Multiple Drivers License in Possession
  • No Drivers License

Now You Have an Experienced Traffic Lawyer Carrollton, TX On Your Side!

By hiring the expertise of Le Brocq, you can rest assured that you will be getting the best representation in the traffic court that money can buy. Regardless of why you were speeding, your Carrollton TX traffic attorney will not rest until your traffic ticket citation is either reduced or cancelled. This is our promise to you!

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Pick Le Brocq to be Your Attorney in the Carrollton Municipal Court

Want to Fight Against Your Traffic Ticket in the Carrollton municipal court? Leave it to Le Brocq!carrollton municipal court

Let’s face it.

No one wants to get a traffic ticket.

But here you are, driving on your own on a sunny day in Carrollton, Texas and on comes a traffic official to ruin your day with a speeding ticket. What now? Not only do you have to appear in a Carrollton municipal court, but you also need to probably pay a huge fine, surcharge and a court fee. Not only that, you now, probably, have a criminal record. And your unblemished driving record is now, well, blemished.

We know. It’s a terrible situation to be in.

But there’s a way to improve it.

It’s simple. You can get help from a Carrollton, Texas Ticket Attorney. We, at Le Brocq Law Firm, offer our clients legal assistance when it comes to dealing with tickets and warrants in Carrollton, TX. Whether you want to deal with the aftermath of the issuance of the ticket or challenge it in a Carrollton municipal court, we’re here to help. Dealing with traffic tickets is not the only thing we do. We also help our clients when it comes to getting warrants lifted in Carrollton.

Protect your untarnished driving record—leave it to Le Brocq!

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program

The state of Texas follows a point-based program to get people to drive responsibility. This means getting a ticket is not a simple matter of visiting the Carrollton municipal court and paying the fees. It’s slightly more complicated than that.

The Texas Driver Responsibility Program is designed to enforce yearly surcharges based on the number and nature of traffic violations committed by the driver in a given year. This means that, if you commit a certain number of violations, you have to pay a yearly surcharge.

Under the program, each traffic violation earns you points. If you have six points at the end of the year, you need to pay $100 dollars as a yearly surcharge. The more points you score, beyond the initial six, the higher surcharge you must pay at the end of the year. For every additional point you score, $25 dollars are added to your surcharge. You can pay the entire amount, in lump sum or choose to make installment payments.

You also need to remember that the yearly surcharge is in addition to the fees you pay on a traffic ticket. And that’s not it when it comes to the post-ticket financial expenses. You also have to pay court fees, reinstatement fees, and other penalties.

So, you see, it’s not just about criminal offences and court cases. It’s not about being guilty or not guilty. It’s not even about choosing to fight against your traffic ticket or choosing to let it slide. It’s about money. A lot of money. You may think attorneys are expensive and it would be much cheaper to pay the fees. However, at the end of the year, while doing the accounts, you will realize that it’s not necessarily true.

Save money on traffic tickets by hiring a Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer

How we can help

carrollton municipal courtA good lawyer is not just the one who knows the law. Every attorney can wade through the murky waters of the legal procedures and court cases. What separates good attorneys from bad ones, however, is how they deal with clients. Stephen Le Brocq and his team of attorneys go above and beyond the call of duty to help and support their clients not just in terms of the court case, but also in dealing with the stress and uncertainty of the situation.

So, if you have been issued a traffic ticket and you need a Carrollton Texas attorney, you need to trust our service and professional expertise. You need to leave it to Le Brocq.

We keep your driving record clean

Being a driver, your first priority should be to keep your driving record absolutely clean and free of any violations. Having previous offences on your record reflects poorly on your character and may be a hindrance when it comes to employment opportunities. If you want to keep your record clean of any Texas Driver Responsibility Program points, you need to seek help from a Carrollton, Texas Ticket Attorney.

We help save you valuable expenses

Stephen Le Brocq and his team have an excellent track record in helping our clients when it comes to saving their expenses on driving tickets. In some cases, we were able to dismiss the driving record completely, saving our clients all of the fees associated with the ticket. In other cases, we managed to reduce the fine on certain driving violations. When it comes to supporting our clients financially and helping them save money, Stephen Le Brocq is the Carrollton traffic attorney you want.

We take you through the legal process

There are many traffic attorneys in Carrollton TX who deliberately use complicated legal jargon to make the case seem more difficult than it actually is. Others use it as a ploy to empty the client’s pockets. We, at Le Brocq Law Firm, use none of those strategies. Our process is simple. We explain the technicalities of the legal process to the client in simple English. We take the client through the case one step at a time. And we’re honest and upfront about whatever the outcome of the case might be. We believe that our clients should not face the uncertainty about the potential outcome. Neither do we want to make false promises to the client.

We reduce your stress and hassle

Even if you’re suitably informed about the legal process and know all the ins and outs, court cases can be a stressful experience. And the stress levels are magnified manifold for the uninformed. We understand that. And with that in mind, we aim to help our clients deal with the stress of the situation and take them through it one step at a time. We also want to assist our clients when it comes to dealing with the hassle of the legal requirements.

Common traffic violations

Stephen Le Brocq, as the leading speeding ticket lawyer in Carrollton, has extensive experience of helping his clients deal with a number of traffic violations. You can come to us for legal assistance if:

  • You made an unsafe lane change
  • You failed to use turn signals
  • You passed another car illegally
  • You were charged with reckless driving
  • You ran a red light or stop sign
  • You followed another car at a close distance
  • You had an expired Commercial Operator’s License
  • You didn’t have a Commercial Operator’s License
  • You were fined for crossing the assigned speed limit
  • You didn’t have a driver’s license
  • You had multiple driver’s licenses
  • You were charged with an unlawful display or possession of ID
  • You failed to display an ID
  • You were charged with railroad violations

Dealing with arrest warrants at the Carrollton municipal court

Being issued a traffic ticket means you need to now appear in a Carrollton municipal court. Failure to do so will result in an arrest warrant in your name. If you have been named in an arrest warrant already and want to get the warrant lifted in Carrollton, you can contact us for our legal services.

Dealing with an arrest warrant is a complicated procedure that cannot be dealt without resorting to legal assistance. If you want someone to represent you in the court or work towards lifting your arrest warrant, you can leave it Le Brocq to do so. If the warrant has been issued because of failure to appear at court before the assigned date, we can help lift the warrant and deal with all the legal procedures involved in doing so.

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Carrollton Speeding Ticket Lawyer

Avoid the Negative Consequences of a Speeding Ticket in Carrollton, Texas!

Contrary to popular belief, speeding tickets are amongst the most commonly issued citations in Texas, as well as the rest of the US. While in most cases, speeding violations are not responsible for causing any serious injuries, the fines that are imposed on the alleged speedster does cause considerable damage to their driving record and to other aspects of their lives in the long term. The sad part is that many drivers in Carrollton, TX who are issued a speeding ticket on the road do not even realize the many benefits a Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer can have when it comes to dealing with speeding tickets.

At the Le Brocq Law Firm you have a lawyer who is a specialist in dealing with speeding tickets. He does this with years of experience at aggressively defending drivers who have had to go to court due to a speeding ticket. The Le Brocq Law Firm is easy to reach, which means that you can talk to a law professional about your particular ticket problem. This enables you to save time by not having to drive to the courthouse. Le Brocq is going to make that trip to the court house for you so that you don’t have to. We will defend your rights of not paying the speeding ticket and will defend your interests in the traffic court.

Apart from some drivers who simply pay off the fine in full so that they don’t get in trouble with the law, what they don’t realize is that paying the fine that has been listed on the speeding citation means that they are guilty of breaking the law. Another downside of paying the fine that has been cited on the speeding ticket is that the accused gets points added to their driver’s record. This causes many many problems for the driver in the long run, and is the main reason why it is not advised to pay off the speeding ticket, at least, not until you have given yourself a chance to get the speeding ticket revoked.

Believe it or not, but speeding tickets can be revoked because of mistakes made on the part of the law enforcement officer or highway patrol officer who issued the speeding ticket to you. You can also hire a traffic attorney in Carrollton TX, because chances are the ticket was issued due to faulty equipment that caught the wrong speed. You wouldn’t want to pay a fine and get points added to your driver’s record because of a faulty device reading now would you? This is why it is extremely important for you to hire a traffic attorney in Carrollton TX or else suffer the potential consequences.

Le Brocq Is Here To Help You With Your Speeding Tickets

If the law enforcement officer has issued you a speeding ticket because you had supposedly exceeded the speed limit, you will need an experienced Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer by your side to get that speeding ticket revoked or lessened. By hiring the Le Brocq Law Firm you will not only be getting a traffic lawyer who has the qualifications and experience it takes to get your traffic ticket cancelled, but you will also be getting yourself a great resource who can deal with all issues related to speeding in Carrollton. Le Brocq focuses solely on traffic law in Carrollton, TX and in protecting drivers who have been wrongly accused, and have been held liable for a speeding violation that might or might not be legitimate.

Le Brocq has a great deal of experience in dealing with speeding tickets in Carrollton, TX. Our firm is able to assist drivers throughout the state of Texas, and due to us having a narrow focus that’s related solely to traffic law, we are able to provide you with the best legal representation in Carrollton, Texas. We have confidence that your ticket problem will be handled by a professional who is dedicated to your cause.

Driving Carelessly is a Always a Bad Idea

The Le Brocq Law Firm and our experienced Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer is qualified and skilled at handling traffic citation that are issued for careless driving. A traffic ticket for careless driving can be issued to a driver in Carrollton when a driver allegedly fails to drive carefully. While drivers in Carrollton, Texas are required to take into account the condition of the road and adjust in a manner that will keep themselves as well as others on the road safe, sometimes a driver underestimates the rough conditions of the road, the unexpected curves and the corners, in addition to the other vehicles that are present on the road at the time. This often times leads to a traffic ticket being issued by a highway patrol officer or a law enforcement officer. The Le Brocq Law Firm is experienced in handling countless cases of careless driving in Carrollton, TX and has the results to prove it. Whether it’s on a road, street or highway, the Le Brocq Law Firm can make that traffic ticket go away without any hassle.

Driving with a Suspended License

Getting a license to drive a car in Carrollton, Texas or anywhere for that matter is a privilege that can also be taken away from you if you are not careful. Driving with a license which has been suspended is a crime in Carrollton, Texas, and if you are charged with a crime than there’s a good possibility that you will have to face the consequences as well. But, it doesn’t have to be that way. Le Brocq has dealt with countless traffic tickets and can keep you from having to pay a fine that is mentioned on the citation or possible jail time. While your driver’s license may be suspended for a number of reasons we can help you get back on the road in no time.

We’ve got you covered if you have been given a ticket for the following reasons:

  • Expired Commercial Operators License
  • Failure to Display ID
  • Failure to Yield Right of Way
  • Following another Vehicle too Closely
  • Improper and/or Erratic Lane Change
  • Multiple Drivers License in Possession
  • No Commercial Operator’s License
  • No Drivers License
  • Reckless Driving
  • Speeding over 15 Miles per Hour more than the Presumptive Legal Limit
  • Unlawful Display or Possession of ID
  • Unsafe Lane Change

We Are Only a Phone Call Away!

If you’ve been given a traffic ticket for whatever reason there’s no reason to waste any of your valuable time worrying about what to do about it. Le Brocq has the experience and dedication needed to handle your speeding ticket for you in the most effective way so that you don’t have to. In this way we help you save time and prevent the dreaded increase in your insurance rates due to the traffic ticket. If you have received a speeding ticket then you will need a Carrollton speeding ticket lawyer.

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