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Traffic Tickets

$100* for Traffic Ticket Representation in the City of Carrollton

*$125 to clear an active alias warrant and represent you in Carrollton

In the State of Texas, traffic citations are considered criminal offenses. Pleading guilty to a traffic ticket can have serious consequences on your job, insurance rates, and will even result in a final conviction on your driving record. Our attorneys are experienced in resolving traffic citations and helping keep convictions off clients’ records. Why not hire strong representation to go to court for you?

We represent clients in municipal and Justice of the Peace courts all over North Texas. Contact us today to learn your options and avoid the hassle of dealing with the courts yourself.

  • Traffic tickets (speeding, running a red light, etc.)
  • Clear traffic warrants (if you have not plead guilty/no contest)
  • Attorney jail bonds (when someone has been arrested for a ticket)
  • Commercial driver traffic tickets
  • Occupational driver’s license (license suspended)
  • Traffic appeals to county courts (if allowed by law)

Let's Take Care Of Your Tickets.

Please provide as much information as possible. Our staff will contact the court and then contact you to inform you of the process and let you know if we can help you, free of charge. If we are capable of assisting you, a member of our staff will inform you of the fee for representation.

Only upon payment of the fee do you become a client of Le Brocq & Horner.