Crucial Tips to Consider on the Hunt for the Best Carrollton Immigration Attorney

The everchanging landscape involving travel restrictions, residency, citizenship, and visas have made it difficult to acquire sound legal advice to protect your rights. The attitudes towards welcoming immigrations are changing due to tighter travel restrictions. In Texas, a new law was enacted in 2017 by the state legislature, which requires local officials to detain any suspected undocumented individuals, until federal authorities take control. That legislature also allows law enforcement personnel to ask for proof of residency during a routine traffic stop.

The new laws can get you in serious legal trouble, especially if you are an immigrant, and in severe cases, you may need the help of a Carrollton immigration attorney. It is advised that all individuals looking for residency status, citizenship, or entry visas for school or work, should acquire the help of an experienced immigration law firm. This will help save a lot of frustration and time by submitting applications accurately, and eliminating any possible ‘red flags’ raised by government agencies.

The best Carrollton immigration lawyer should be skilled in the following:

  • Business Immigration Law
  • Deportation Defense
  • Family Immigration Law
  • Political Asylum
  • Visa and Green Card Matters

This will ensure that you are acquiring the services of seasoned professionals, who can help you get out of any immigration trouble.

Important criteria for selecting a Carrollton immigration lawyer

There are a lot of things you should look for when hiring the services of an immigration attorney in Carrollton. The most important criteria you should look at includes:

1. Is the attorney recognized positively?

The best Carrollton immigration lawyers are recognized by their peers and are highly regarded as skilled and knowledgeable professionals. This is one of the first things you should look at when you want to hire an immigration lawyer for your case.

2. What has been their success rate in similar cases?

Ask to schedule a face-to-face interview, so that you can review their success rate in handling cases like yours. You should ask for reviews and references from them. Check whether the attorney is a certified member of the American Bar Association and the law firm has attorneys that have been certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Immigration and Nationality Law. It is important that you work with an immigration attorney that has the appropriate certifications to practice law.

3. Are they located nearby?

You should acquire the services of an immigration attorney that is located nearby, because it is important if your family are involved in a confrontation that needs immediate protection from an immigration lawyer in Carrollton.

4. Do they speak your language?

The legal language in immigration laws and state legislatures is complicated, which is why it is important that your immigration attorney speaks your language. This will allow them to provide you with proper legal advice, and help understand the processes, costs, risks, and strategies involved.

5. Does the firm offer a free consultation?

Most law firms do provide free initial consultations, and it is important that you schedule meetings with your immigration attorney, so they can properly understand your situation, and determine whether they can help you.

6. Is the website professional and informative?

You should check the website of the law firm, and look for whether it is professional and informative. The website should reflect the law firm’s certifications, staffing, awards, immigration law focus, professionalism, and scope of service.

7. Does the firm or attorney specialize in immigration law?

This is one of the first things you should look at when hiring an immigration attorney in Carrollton, because you need a specialist immigration attorney to handle complicated immigration matters.

8. How many years of experience?

When it comes to immigration law, you should acquire the services of an experienced immigration law firm. This will mean that your immigration lawyer will be well versed in immigration matters, and will know the best strategies for your immigration case.

9. Does the firm work as a team?

It is imperative that the law firm has great coordination between them, so that they can represent your case properly. The law firm must have front-line attorneys that are well supported by their staff to execute all the legal details of your case properly.

Important FAQs about Immigration in Carrollton, Texas

Ø How are immigration issues handled?

The federal government controls all immigration issues, and local law enforcement has no jurisdiction, which means they can’t act legally on any immigration issues. Law enforcement must work in cooperation with the Immigration and Customers Enforcement (ICE).

Ø What can a city do?

When it comes to immigration issues cities have no legal authority to act. They can only refer individuals that have been detained for criminal offenses to the Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) to determine their legal status, provide public education, and formally participate in the 287(g) program.

Ø What is the City of Carrollton doing?

The city of Carrollton can only legally do the following:

  • In 2007, the Carrollton Police Department implemented procedures for tracking non-US citizens that were processed at the jail, and worked with ICE to determine whether they were subject to the investigative holds of ICE.
  • The City Council gave authority to the City Manager to enter into a Memorandum of Agreement with ICE for participating in local jail enforcement 287(g) program, in August 2008.
  • This led to the formation of a Council sub-committee for studying the effects and importance of illegal immigration in Carrollton.
  • In 2008, the City Council gave authority to the Police Department to hire 2 more civilian detention officers for ICE jail enforcement who have received extensive ICE 287(g) training.

Ø What is the 287(g) program?

This program is related to the 287(g) of the Federal Immigration and Nationality Act which gives authority to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to enter into agreements with state and local law enforcement agencies for specific and limited specific immigration law enforcement functions. This can only be done after the offices have undergone extensive training from ICE. The main priority of ICE is the removal of aliens involved in gang activity, terrorism, and felony offenses.

Ø How does this differ from current law enforcement practices?

The major difference is that before the 287(g) participation, the police department used to contact ICE and request a review of their records and database. Now the authority has been given to the 287(g) trained Detention officers to access those databases. This streamlines the process by cutting down on detention time in hails, which only act as temporary holding facilities.

The police department can carry the effective processes put in place, when trained ICE Detention Officers aren’t on duty, and can make arrests on behalf of ICE.


If you are facing immigration trouble in Carrollton, Texas, it is recommended that you acquire the services of the best Carrollton immigration attorney to handle your case.

Essential Legal Tips You Should Know Before Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Carrollton, Texas

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you have gotten into legal trouble, you do need a criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton, Texas. However, there are certain things you should learn before acquiring their services. We are going to cover some of them for you:

1. Define your problem carefully before considering hiring a lawyer

The first thing you should know when you get into legal trouble is whether you need a criminal defense attorney? How do you know you need one? When you have been charged with a crime, or have been served with a lawsuit, you need a criminal defense lawyer. You should therefore look for a criminal defense lawyer that has experience in winning the legal cases you are facing.

2. Find out whether you can solve your own problem

Most cases that you come across are simple, and don’t require a criminal defense attorney to help you out. For instance, if a company has wronged you, file a complaint with their customer service department to settle the issue without involving a lawyer. There are a lot of cases where legal issues can be resolved without needing the services of a criminal lawyer.

However, there are times when you absolutely need a criminal defense attorney in Carrollton, Texas. This could be due to someone suing you for legal damages.

3. Determine the immediacy of your situation

There are times where you must get a criminal defense attorney quickly, which would be when you must defend yourself in a legal suit, or if you have been accused of a crime. If you are facing such a situation, you should seek legal counsel immediately, to pursue your rights and protect yourself from prosecution. Waiting around will only jeopardize your chances of defending yourself in a legal case.

Once you have decided to act and acquire the services of the best criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton, Texas, you must go about the right manner to find the best lawyer. You want to hire a criminal lawyer with experience, who has the credentials, and you are comfortable working with them.

Finding a Lawyer

There are a lot of different ways you can go about acquiring the services of the best criminal defense injury attorney in Carrollton, Texas. Here are some of the best methods you can try:

4. Find a lawyer that best suits your needs

There isn’t any shortage of top quality Carrollton criminal defense attorney, but you may have difficulty finding one that suits your needs. The first step towards finding an experienced Carrollton criminal defense lawyer is finding one that works in your jurisdiction. All lawyers are licensed to practice in a state, and you should check online to find the best criminal defense attorney in Carrollton, Texas. You will also need to find someone, who can handle your case properly.

Most lawyers specialize in one type of law, so it is imperative that you find a lawyer that that has the experience and expertise of winning legal cases. You must also look at whether the lawyer is compatible with your budget, because you don’t want to go broke trying to escape legal trouble. You shouldn’t always believe the advertisements you come across on TV or on websites, because there are times lawyers don’t advertise their true fees.

5. Read legal advertisements carefully

You should check whether the legal advertisement is complete, and has provided you with complete details. Criminal defense lawyers today don’t advertise in Yellow Pages or newspapers, but over the internet. However, remember that the quality of the advertisement has no relation with the quality of services you can expect from the law firm. Therefore, always check up and review the background of the lawyer, including their qualifications and experience before hiring them.

6. Consider more than one lawyer

There are a lot of options when it comes to finding criminal defense lawyers in Carrollton, Texas, so make sure that you pick someone with the skills that you need. You want to acquire the services of someone that is respected and revered in the local community, and has a stellar track record as a criminal defense attorney in Texas.

When you find a lawyer that you like, make sure you call them and schedule a meeting. Prepare a list of questions, so that you can discuss important issues, and get a good understanding about the type of services you can expect. You can also ask for references or copies of recent cases they have handled, so that you have a good idea of whether they have tried similar cases successfully.

Hiring a Lawyer

Now that you have found the best criminal defense attorney in Carrollton, Texas, here is what you should know about hiring them.


7. Don’t hire a lawyer who actively solicits your business

If the lawyer starts acting on your behalf and asks you to hire them to represent your legal case, you should ignore them. This is against the Legal Rules of Professional Conduct, and is commonly referred to as ‘ambulance chasing’. If the lawyer is willing to break the rules to acquire you as a client, then that isn’t the kind of lawyer you want representing you on your legal case.

8. Make sure you understand what you’re paying for

You should know exactly what you are paying for when you acquire the services of a criminal defense attorney. Learn about what your lawyer is making on top of the fees you are paying, and get everything in writing. The typical expenses you can expect include:

  • Court costs (fees for filing a lawsuit)
  • Expert witness fees
  • Legal research
  • Photocopying
  • Courier
  • Telephone
  • Postage
  • Private investigator
  • Copies of transcripts
  • Court reporter
  • Out of town air or car transportation
  • Hotel and meal expenses

Your criminal defense lawyer in Carrollton, Texas should be willing to provide this information.

9. Learn how you can fire a lawyer

It is important to know how you can fire your criminal defense attorney, if you don’t feel as if they are representing you correctly, or if you don’t want their services.

10. Check out your lawyer’s records

Check with the Texas state bar association if the criminal defense lawyer has ever had any inquiry or ethical complaints filed against them. You should know whether your lawyer has a pattern of questionable conduct, which could lead to further problems down the line.

11. Know your options and make sure your lawyer gives you them

You should have complete knowledge of all the different facts of your legal case, and your criminal defense lawyer should be willing to share that information with you. Make sure that you are on good terms with your lawyer, and aren’t shy to discuss about different options in your legal case.

8 Reasons to Sue Your Landlord in Carrolton TX

A landlord and tenant relationship is usually a pleasant one as both parties are benefiting from each other. But sometimes conflicts can arise and you must know when to resolve issues normally or to take legal action.

If you are a tenant or about to be one soon, then you must know your rights as one. Just because you don’t own the property you live in does not give the landlord any right to treat in any wrong way especially if you are paying.

Here are 8 reasons on how you can take your landlord to court in Carrolton TX:

1. If your landlord asks discriminating questions

The Federal Fair Housing Act strictly prohibits any landlord from being discriminatory towards any potential tenant. Refusing to rent someone their property on the basis of color, race, nationality, religion, sex or disability is a serious crime and can make take one to court for these reasons alone.

If you are already a tenant and you have started to notice your landlord behaving in a discriminatory manner towards your or your family, then you have every right to take action. You must hire a good civil lawyer in Carrolton TX to take further action. Just make sure that you have solid proof that your landlord is being discriminatory.

2. Failing to make disclosures to you

Every landlord’s responsibility and duty is to tell their tenant everything regarding the property. This should include any mold growing in the property or any other details. After all, you are paying to live there so you have every right to know. What if things become worse and the landlord blames you for it?

Landlords should also disclose important information like if there are any sex offenders in the area especially if you are a woman and living alone or have kids with you. You should also be notified if there were any recent deaths or thefts in the area due to criminal activity. Federal law also requires all the landlords to tell their tenants if the rental property contains any lead based paint. If you are not sure what to ask your landlord then a civil attorney in Carrolton TX can guide you on what you need to know before you sign the rental agreement.

3. Not providing a safe property or rental unit

It is the landlord’s responsibility that the tenant is safe from any danger. It could be from things inside the rental or outside. Faulty electrical wirings, leaky faucets, damaged ceilings, walls or staircases are just some of the things that could be a potential threat for your safety.

Having a neighbor with anger management or violence issues, burglaries or sex offenders in the area are all dangers to a tenant. If the landlord fails to provide safety for the tenant especially after all the payments have been made and papers signed, then a legal action is a must be made I order to compensate for the damage or loss to the tenant.

4. Refusing to make repairs

If the rental agreement stipulates that the landlord will be taking care of the repairs and yet still refuses to do so then it is not your responsibility to do so. Even if the agreement doesn’t mention anything about repairs (which are unlikely) it falls automatically upon the landlord anyway.

If your landlord is forcing you to get the repair work done especially if something was bad to begin with and you had no fault in making it worse then you have every right to take legal action.

5. Disregarding your right to privacy

Your landlord does not have the right to invade your personal space (that includes the entire rental unit you are staying in) without giving you at least a 24 hour notice. When the landlord comes, he/she must ring the bell or knock before you give your permission to enter.

Landlords can’t just directly walk in the rental unit and try to sneak up on you as it violates your right to privacy. However, it is not important or required to give notice in case of some emergency. If you have noticed that your landlord has a bit of entering the property without notice more than once then you can either give a warning or take legal action against them.

6. You can’t be evicted without a notice

No matter what conflicts or issues you have with your landlord, without a notice you can’t be evicted out from the property. The eviction process requires a legal notice sent to the tenant and a termination notice of the rental agreement.

Every state has different laws regarding the eviction process so if you just get a verbal notice from your landlord then you shouldn’t leave. The eviction notice gives the tenant some time to figure things out and move into another space. It can’t just happen overnight.

If you find yourself in the midst of being kicked out or your landlord taking out your things without giving you any eviction notice then you have every right to sue the landlord. Just make sure you are not ignoring any eviction rules that were set in the rental agreement.


7. Keeping your security deposit

Security deposits are used in lease agreements for the landlord to use if there is any damage caused to the property.  The landlord must then send an itemized bill to the tenant to show where the security deposit has been used. Security deposits are returned after the tenant leaves.

But if your landlord is not returning you the money or showing you the itemized bill of where it was used then you can sue for claiming back your money.

8. Showing inappropriate behavior

If your landlord is showing any sort of strange or inappropriate behavior towards you, then you must not be quiet about it just because you are afraid of being evicted. This will only give the landlord more boldness to try to take advantage of your silence. Hire a civil attorney in Carrolton TX immediately and take legal action against the landlord to prevent any future incidents.

Advantages of suing your landlord

Although it should not always be the first course of action, if you feel that it is high time your landlord must be sued then by all means do so. Here are some advantages if you take legal action:

  • The landlord could be motivated to settle things outside court
  • You get your monetary compensation or security deposit back
  • Clear your name against an illegal eviction or false accusation made by the landlord
  • Not being forced to leave if the court rules in your favor

These could all be done thanks to hiring an expert civil lawyer in Carrolton TX.

Is suing the best option for you as a tenant?

Suing might not always be the right path to settle a disagreement as it can make matters worse but you can at least get some proper knowledge and guidelines regarding your situation by consulting a seasoned civil attorney in Carrolton TX. If your lawyer agrees that you should sue then only then you can take further action, otherwise you will end up wasting your time, energy and money over nothing.

We hope that you have a smooth and cordial relationship with your landlord and should you feel your rights as a tenant being violated, you can always sue.

8 Reasons to Hire an Accident Lawyer

Everyone has experienced a car accident in their lifetime. Statistically speaking, if you got your driver’s license at the age of 16 then it is likely that you would end up in a car accident by the age of 34 or 35.

People usually have 3 or 4 driving related accidents over the course of their lives. Every year, it is estimated that over 5 million car crashes happen resulting in deaths and injuries. Around 2 million people out of these car accidents have severe injuries that must be compensated. This is where an accident lawyer comes in.

If you are looking for an accident lawyer in Carrollton TX there here are 8 reasons why you would be making the right choice in doing so:


1. A serious car accident

This is the most obvious reason. But you would be surprised that some people don’t contact an accident attorney in Carrollton TX and end up suffering with a huge amount of hospital bill, car repair bill and even emotional trauma without getting compensated for. Ti affects their work and personal life as well in many circumstances. It is your right as a victim of a car accident to make your claim by hiring a lawyer who will sort it all out for you. The flipside to this situation could also be that you are wrongly accused of causing a car accident and injuring someone else so you need a lawyer who can skillfully defend and represent you in court as well.


2. Your lawyer will handle everything smoothly

If you have been a victim of a car accident and the police report as concluded that it wasn’t your fault then you can easily seek out an accident lawyer in Carrollton TX so that you can claim for damages. This means you can claim money and compensation from the person who caused the accident. That person or his/her insurance company will be liable to pay for any damages that have been caused to you or your car. The insurance company of the other party will try its best to point out that it wasn’t their fault and that you did not get any severe damages. Your lawyer will try to tackle their claims against you and make a strong case for you in the court. Many people never get to make a solid case for themselves simply because they don’t hire a lawyer so it is a must for you to hire an accident attorney in Carrollton TX.

3. Your lawyer gets paid only when you get paid

People often get deterred by the idea that they will have to spend a lot of money hiring am lawyer for themselves so its best no to have one to begin with. This is a misconception that must be chucked out the window. The good news is that you don’t have t pa your lawyer anything until the court makes a judgment in your favor and you win the case. Therefore it is a win-win situation for the both of you. Consult any accident lawyer in Carrollton TX and he/she will never take any extra amount for you. The lawyer gets 1/3 of the money you are compensated with. However, in very difficult or complex cases, you might have to pay up to 40% as well.

But still, you will end up getting a whole lot more compare to not winning at all. This is because it usually takes 6-12 months for the money to be recovered and during that time your lawyer pays for all the court bills and even medical bills on your behalf. If they don’t win, they don’t get paid and obviously no lawyer would want that to happen. Your lawyer invests so much energy and time to fight for you so at the end of the day justice is served to you and your lawyer also gets his/her due shares for all the hard work.


4. Your lawyer will try to get you the maximum amount of compensation

Since your lawyer will be getting around 1/3 of the recovery amount, he/she will try to get the most out of the situation by getting you the maximum amount of monetary compensation.

Example:  You get into an accident and it was ruled out that it wasn’t your fault. Your hospital bills are $25000. The insurance company of the other party offers only $30,000 as compensation but you feel that you deserve more than that amount because not only do you have trauma from the accident but its going to take you time to started working earning again.

If you get accident attorney in Carrollton TX then rest sure your lawyer will try to get you up to $150,000 as the recovery amount. This will be much more than what you would have gotten to begin with. Even if you take out 1/3 the amount, you will be still left with $100,000 with you. If you minus the medical bills then you end up with a hefty $75,000 in your bank account.


5. You don’t have to deal with all the legal hassle

You don’t have to go through the legal hassle and deal with the claims made by the other party or pursuing them to compensate you. All the legalities and paperwork will be smoothly dealt by your accident attorney and all you will need to do is to provide some details and appear in court a few times.

Your lawyer will obviously be skilled in handling every claim made by the other party and will try to come up with the best possible solutions for you to win the case which would have otherwise been impossible had you not hired one to begin with.


6. Your attorney can reduce your liability’s impact

You must be wondering what does reducing my liability’s impact mean? Let’s say that when you were driving you had your tail light broken or not on. The lawyers or insurance company at the other end might try to use it against you. But if the other party also made mistake or the driver was drunk at that time then your liability gets reduced as you had lesser fault. This is how your attorney pays attention to every detail and finds a way out for you to win the case.


7. You need to know when to settle or when to pursue a trial

Most cases end up in a fair settlement before you go to trial.  How do you know when to settle or go for a trial?  Hiring a good accident lawyer will tell you exactly when to do so. Sometimes insurance companies just end up paying because they have thousands of cases to settle and don’t bother pursuing further while others try to wear you out so that you settle. This fine line of settlement and pursuit is where the accident attorneys excel at.


8. You might need more compensation

Depending how severe the accident was, your lawyer can calculate the amount of medical bills that could incur to you in the future as well such as for medications or surgeries etc.


Hiring an accident lawyer in Carrollton TX will take some research so make sure you hire the best one to make your case.


11 Essential Tips for Winning Child Custody in Carrollton, TX

Divorce is something you would have never imagined but what’s worse is battling for child custody rights. You can move on with life and marry someone else but your children forever remain an important part of your life that you want to fight for till the very end.

It’s natural for you to feel frustrated and sensitive regarding this issue. After all, you have every right to demand that your children stay with you or at least work out an equal custodianship with your ex.

But you can only win the case if you follow these 11 important tips:

1. Hire a seasoned family lawyer in Carrolton TX

One of the first steps of getting sole or joint custody for your children should be hiring a highly qualified and expert family attorney in Carrolton TX. Lawyers that are well acquainted with family law are perfect for this and will guide you along on how to take the further steps in winning custody.

They have seen hundreds of cases like these so they will exactly tell you what you are doing wrong and ensure that your case is very strong when presented n court.

2. Show a willingness to work things out with your ex

Being cooperative is the key for making you seem like a flexible and easy to live with person. If the court deems you as such, then it will be easier for you to win. However, if you are uncooperative then don’t be surprised that you lose the custody.

There are people who have lost custody on this reason alone that they are not willing to find a grey area in regards to the custody. Remember the court does not see you and your ex as a priority, they first see the children. They will only rule in favor of the parent that is fit to raise kids in a healthy environment. Any family lawyer in Carrolton TX will tell you that cooperation is the key to winning your children’s custody. You are not the only parent who deserves to be with the kids so please keep that into consideration as well.

3. Request an in-home custody evaluation

Your family attorney in Carrolton TX might suggest you to have an in-home custody evaluation done or you can request one yourself. This comes in extremely handy if you want the judge to see that you are willing to show every proof that you are a fit parent.

It also makes it easier for the court to decide if the children can be raised in the environment you are going to be providing them. A good evaluation can result in making your case stronger and also cancel out any false accusations from your ex that you can’t provide a healthy and safe place for the children to stay at.

4. Make a good impression

It is very crucial for you to be able to present yourself well in court. It won’t matter what is being said during the proceedings but if you have made a bad impression of yourself in front of the judge and jury, then that can jeopardize a lot of things.

Not coming to hearings on time, missing court dates, dressing up sloppily and not talking respectfully enough or showing even a hint of strange attitude then your chances will get thin to non-existent in no time. Your family lawyer in Carrolton TX will brief you on how you can present yourself well in front of everyone in court and practice proper courtroom etiquette.

5. Remain calm

A calm and composed parent is just what the court wants to see in you in order to decide if you are fit for custody or not. One wrong move and your whole image is going to be tarnished and you will lose the kids to your ex. It is normal to feel angry, agitated and a host of other feelings during this time but it will only work out for the better if you don’t lose your cool in any situation.

If you show any sign of anger or aggression then the court will rule out your behavior pattern to be such that could be detrimental to your children’s well being and safety. Your main job is to show that you are a loving and caring parent to the best of your ability.

6. Exercise your parental duties and rights

If you have been given visitation rights by the court for the time being, then make sure to take full advantage of it. This will show your dedication and love towards your kids. If you don’t visit your kids often it will only show that you could care less and are not affected by your kids living apart from you.

Attend every event your child is involved in such as games or school meetings. If for some reason you missed a visit then arrange another day to meet them or have them over.

7. Learn something about family law

Although your family lawyer in Carrolton TX is enough for handling your custody case, it is still helpful to teach yourself some important and fundamental things about family law. This is to ensure that you understand and know what to expect when it comes to family law in your state.


8. Prepare documents and proof

In circumstances where you know your children are not going to be safe with the other  parent, gather all  evidence and prepare documentations regarding this matter. For instance, if the other parent has a history of abuse or use of drugs/alcohol etc then keep note of all your interactions with him/her and talk about it with your lawyer.

You should also be wary that your ex can do the same and prepare documentations against you too.

9. Don’t make false accusations against the other parent or blow things out of proportion

It might be tempting to do so but it is a dirty tactic that you must stay away from. Don’t lie to your lawyer or the court regarding the other parent of your children. It will not only hurt that person but your children as well.

They will also lose their trust in you and might later blame you for being a bad parent. Be fair and don’t make things up just so that you can win the custody battle.

10. Don’t talk about your ex negatively in front of the children

You can express your feelings of anger or frustration in front of trusted and close family or friends but never to the kids. They might end up revealing it all in front of your ex and it could be used against you in court.

Don’t use your children to win the case. Most parents make it more about their own egos to win the custody rights rather than just for being with their children.


11. Don’t refuse what the court ask you to do

Even if it seems unnecessary to you, you must do what the court asks you to do. This will only improve your chances and credibility in front of the judge and jury. If you are asked to seek counseling or parenting classes then do it. It will show how dedicated and serious you are to get your kids.

If you follow all these essential tips along with getting a good family attorney in Carrolton TX, then you will have  a greater chance of winning child custody.